The Last Witchcraft Trial

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JM Sinclair

John M. Sinclair is an investigative journalist that has been writing on all topics science and paranormal for over 20 years.

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  • Derek Payne

    People have what is called dreams of the future. They have been investigated by science without much success. The prophecy of Helen Duncan on the other hand proves they do exist. We are all from the same beginnings and therefore must have the same abilities. We can all run, but some can run faster than others. This difference in abilities whether physical or academically is the spice of life that feeds our intelligence. Hibernation, migration, and mutation too survive are all part of the rhythms of the subconscious. This rhythm could be the forerunner of all rhythms without which life could not exist, and which works independently in the subconscious. Ask yourself a question; who knows better what the species need than the species themselves? Perhaps instead of witchcraft it was just nature doing what it has done for billions of years-keeping the species in touch for whatever the purpose.