The Bizarre Case of Ninel Kulagina

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JM Sinclair

John M. Sinclair is an investigative journalist that has been writing on all topics science and paranormal for over 20 years.

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  • mitchej0

    There is actually a university offering one million dollars to anyone who can prove they are telekinetic. So far, nobody has won the million dollars. Of course, that might just be a way to locate telekinetic individuals and then shipping them off to islands to experiment on, lol.

  • Jon Nixon

    I would be less skeptical if the underside of the table were visible. A clever grade schooler  could rig this trick using magnets………

    • Connor Johnstone

      On one of the tests when she is moving the needle of a compass using PK they actually lift the little table to show that there’s nothing under it, then put it back down and she continues to move the needle. Of course there is probably more ways to fake it, I however completely believe in it.

  • lucifer69

    I am telekinectic and I can prove it too.

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