Would You Live in a House Where an Exorcism Was Performed?

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  • Beckie

    It all depends if you are in to paranormal stuff.
    I personally would find it interesting to live in a house with “history” but also insanely scary aswell.
    If you know what you are possibly letting yourself in for then i would say no problem buying a house like this.
    But if u wasnt up for something like that then its obvious that you should stay clear from it.

  • Ronald A Espinoza

    hell yeah

  • Casimir

    Absolutely not. Why tempt dark spirits when there’s already a dark history. Some things should be left to higher powers. Some things aren’t meant for us to dabble with. This is one of them.

  • KW

    My parents live in an apartment where 6 people were murdered then the gunman killed himself. Everytime I go I get a kind of panic feeling in my chest and just an overwhelming sadness. My parents aren’t bothered by that kind of thing (they are only there until their house is being built). I’d love to do an investigation there but unfortunately they won’t allow me to bring in a few friends who are experienced in that kind of thing. As for an exorcism house, I think I would. I would much rather live there then where 6 people were murdered that is for sure.

  • loren

    I would so live in that house