The Himuro Mansion Haunting

A grisly Japanese ritual turned murder. Made famous in the Fatal Frame video game.

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According to urban legend, lying just beyond the city of Tokyo is one of the most haunted locations in all of Japan. The exact location of the Himuro Mansion (or Himikyru Mansion as it is sometimes known) is widely unknown but the legend puts the mansion in a rocky region just beyond the city limits of Tokyo.

A Purported Image of the Himuro Mansion

The mansion is said to have been home to one of the most gruesome murders in modern Japanese history. Local lore has it that for generations, the Himuro family had participated in a strange, twisted Shinto ritual known as “The Strangling Ritual” in order to seal off bad karma from within the Earth, every half century or so.

The most popular version of the tale states that bad karma would emerge each December (other versions simply say “toward the end of the year”) from a portal on the Mansions grounds. In order to prevent this, a maiden was chosen at birth by the master of the household and isolated from the outside world in order to prevent her from developing any ties to the outside world, which would in turn, jeopardize the effect of the ritual.

On the day of the Strangling Ritual, the maiden was bound by ropes on her ankles, wrists, and neck. The ropes were attached to teams of oxen or horses to rip her limbs from her body, quartering her. The ropes used to bind her appendages would then be soaked in her blood and laid over the gateway of the portal. They believed that this would seal off the portal for another half century until the ritual had to be repeated.

During the last recorded Strangling Ritual it is said that the maiden had fallen in love with a man who tried to save her from the ritual. This “tie” to Earth tainted her blood and spirit and ruined the ritual altogether. Upon learning of the maidens love, the master took up his sword and brutally murdered all of his family members, before finally, in fear of what would soon happen, fell upon his own blade.

This is the basis of the “haunting” of the Himuro Mansion. Local legend has it that these souls of the murdered family wander the mansion attempting to repeat the failed ritual using whomever enters the abandoned building. Blood splashes on the walls are reportedly seen, as if they were flicked from the blade of a sword that had recently sliced through flesh. Many have reported seeing spirits and apparitions dressed completely in white, rinsing cloths and preparing the grounds for the ritual.

A Purported Image of the Himuro Mansion Hallway

A Purported Image of the Himuro Mansion Hallway

Interest in the Himuro Mansion has peaked due to it’s inclusion into the back story of the popular game, Fatal Frame. Here is a quote from Makoto Shibata, Chief Producer of Fatal Frame, regarding the legend:

“In an area outside Tokyo, there lies a mansion in which it’s said seven people were murdered in a grisly manner. On the same property, there lie three detached residences that surround the mansion, all of which are rumored to have ties to the mansion’s troubled past. It’s said there is an underground network of tunnels that lay beneath the premises, but nobody knows who made these tunnels or what purpose they served. Many inexplicable phenomenons have been reported occurring on the property. Bloody handprints have been found splattered all over the walls. Spirits have been spotted on the premises… even in broad daylight. A narrow stairway leads to an attic where a spirit-sealed talisman is rumored to be locked away. Men have sought this talisman, only to be found later with their bodies broken and rope marks around their wrists. There’s a crumbling old statue of a woman in a kimono, but its head is missing. If you take a photo of a certain window, a young girl can be seen in the developed picture. These incidents have provoked fear in the people of Tokyo, and many believe that those who live near this area will become cursed. The deaths of those seven people are unexplained to this day.”

Now, the question is, did any of this really happen? Probably not. The core allure of this legend is also it’s silver bullet. If such a grisly murder did occur (sources put this between 30 and 80 years ago) in such recent times, where is the record?

It is highly unlikely that no police station or newspaper have records of this mass murder taking place just outside of Tokyo.

Regarding the mystery of the location, some believers have offered the notion that the Himuro family has once again taken ownership of the mansion and is currently living there.. but that conflicts with the legend in that all family members were supposedly murdered AND the “firsthand accounts” of events witnessed on the property by locals and researchers.

Another peculiarity of note is that Tecmo advertised the game in North America with the tagline: “Based on a true story,” but without on the original Japanese release. Because of this, some have theorized that the entire legend was fabricated by the game developers.

The Verdict

Maybe there was a murder and all of this really happened, or maybe it's somewhat more likely that it was made up by some creative game developers, but I don't believe we'll be finding out exactly what that truth is anytime soon .. so why not enjoy the legend of the Himuro Mansion for what it is? A good old fashioned, creepy urban legend.


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The Facts

  • Japanese Ritual turned bad.
  • Whole family murdered.
  • Haunting claims from multiple sources.

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  • Alicia

    I hope it’s not true but if it is that’s creepy…

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  • Wierd!

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  • Al

    Records from 30 to 80 years ago may have been destroyed in the war. Who knows for sure. Post war japan was in shambles. AL

  • Brandon

    I think its a Paranormal urban myth, If nobody knows where it happened, it must just be a myth that has evolved over the years. Very creepy, especially with the blood on the walls.

  • alanborky

    It actually sounds like the sort of stuff a hero of mine, comic writer Grant Morrison dreams up, quasi REAL, quasi SURreal, quasi UNreal, with the boundaries never clearly demarcated.

    He, in turn, or so I suspect, is highly influenced by Jorge Luis Borges.

    It has all the hallmarks of their, at times, almost excessive attention to strange detail, but of a kind you’d never learn from, say, a newspaper article, but only from someone who was really there at the time, or who supposedly knew someone who was there at the time.

    That said, I’m a Nipponophile, and culturally speaking, they are very definitely predisposed to an intense and intricate attention to precisely these kinds of ritualistic detail – they also have an unnatural fondness for urban myths, being not so easily convinced as most westerners are, that they are indeed myths.

  • Steve O’Rourke

    Al, if it happened since 1945, there would be some record of the alleged events, even if it was only in the archives of the occupying American Forces.

    And not that I’m any great expert in Buddhism, but the family ritual would seem to me to *increase* their bad karma, unless they believed in some offshoot far removed from mainstream Buddhism. Or maybe whoever created this myth knows less than I do about karma, and used the wrong word(s), like instead of ‘evil spirit’.

    • Kamo Ayako

      Uh… it is seen as a “twisted” Shinto ritual – although there are a lot of areas where the two are blended in Japanese culture and spirituality, this would be an area where they are separated, seeing how Shinto doesn’t have a notion of of Karma.

  • David Edwards

    Sounds just like the storyline of the Playstation2 series ‘Project Zero’. But which came first this ‘legend’ or the game?

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  • The game is so creepy i really can’t play it with the lights off.

    Also, the image from inside the mansion is actually a screenshot from the game.

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  • Mr. Eff

    “Sounds just like the storyline of the Playstation2 series ‘Project Zero’. But which came first this ‘legend’ or the game?”

    David, Project Zero and Fatal Frame are the same games, just different titles. The former is used in Europe (and Japan I believe) and the latter in North America. Just like Resident Evil being called Biohazard in different parts of the world.

    Amazing story. The games scared the hell out of me. I’d love to try and find that place.

  • Audel

    Project Zero’s the European name for Fatal Frame, so that’d explain the familiarity, I guess.

  • lilacsigil

    @Steve – the ritual is specified as Shinto, not Buddhist, both popular and overlapping religions in Japan. Shinto is a religion with a lot of purity taboos, which would tend to indicate that death is polluting, not protecting. But there certainly are plenty of gruesome ghost stories based on people trying to protect themselves, ending in mass murder-suicide!


  • Admin

    Wow, thanks for all the comments guys! 🙂

    @alanborky – we have a lot of westerners here shooting this one down (myself included), so I think that validates this: “they also have an unnatural fondness for urban myths, being not so easily convinced as most westerners are, that they are indeed myths”.

  • Stacey

    @ Lee H–It always cracks me up when I come across posts like yours on a PARANORMAL WEBSITE.

    Did you get lost on the way to or are you just TRYING to be a douche?

    You know you like this kind of crap, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading up on hauntings. Come on now..get real.

    About the mansion—I think every country and region on Earth has it’s own Urban Legends. True or not, I know you won’t catch me lurking around there at night by myself. Better safe than sorry, eh?


  • im half japanese and i ask my mom if she ever heard of this place,she said her mom wanted to go there and see,my mom described the story down to the bad karma.the japaneses are very supertious people,so i believed this,they also have a big inrtest in UFOS,not like americans at all,very openminded about paranormal claims.look at thier games they create all paranormal!

  • kurama

    It’s based off the game fatal frame. Someone took the basis for the 5 part video game and did a faux history of the mansion. If you go to project the info shoul be there. better yet.

  • kurama

    there is also a second manor in game three called the manor of sleep. They did use real japanese legends and folklore for the game, but it is all fiction

  • rei kurosawa

    I’m a big fan of the Fatal Frame Series and I’ve played the first three in PS2, unfortunately, the 4th one which is entitled The Mask of the Lunar Eclipse and is now out in the market is only available on Nintendo Wii… Anyway, at first, I thought that the storyline was very unique and realistic, then later on, I stumbled across an article about the Himuro Mansion and I was surprised to know that some of the parts of the game actually happened. The Strangling Ritual is part of Fatal Frame 3 : The Tormented. Just thinking about it gives me the creeps… Although I must admit, the game really is spectacular.

  • rei kurosawa

    I’m sorry but I just cant help but react… The first picture showing the Himuro Mansion and the hallwayis so very much alike in the game, although in that part of the game, after some flights of steps, instead of the Mansion itself, it was an altar, and the hallway, as found in the map of the game is known as the Partitioned Room… No wonder the game has a huge impact… Its all based on true stories. In the game, Himuro mansion is part of All gods Village which is connected to the Manor of Sleep… The creepiest place was the Manor of Sleep, because thats where the ghost of the Head of the family can be seen, brandishing an axe and running after you.

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  • Misty

    well, i hope it’s sounds interesting

  • aiden vernich

    in my opinion this story could well be true think of the amytiville horror that was true so that proves that this could happen and the mansion does exist if like the legend says people go in but dont come out then i dont think the police ast that time would be willing to go to the mansion and risk their lives just to report a murder even though a murder is serious and they may have thought that in their hearts that if the story is true then people would come to hear about it through word of mouth that is also why the legend lives on but at the same time if it is true that no one comes out then how did people know to look for the video in the first place

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  • eva & kookie

    lol very creepy

  • Brett

    If the place is really haunted they why havn’t a paranormal group gone there to do an investigation yet? I have seen a picture with a ghost in the halls but that could be anywhere in Japan. Japan has a rich history as well as violant one filled with strange customs and rituals. Before anyone can say a certain location is haunted they’ll need some evidence to back up their claims and any ghost hunting societies should be jumping on a claim as big as everyone is makeing this little story unless it is too farfeched to be real.

  • tim

    Great question. To my knowledge, no one has actually been successful in finding the actual location of this mansion–the story intrigued me quite a bit, as I (and a small group of others) have been investigating/debunking different ghost stories in Japan. (e.g., the “mysterious chill only felt at night” at the entrance gate of Ueno’s Toshogu Shrine–nothing more than the breeze being funneled along three walls that converges near the entrance.) The “purported image” of the mansion listed above looks more like any of the out-of-the-way shrines that you can find here in Japan. I’ll be updating a list of “haunted sites”/”paranormal sites” in Japan via Google Maps if anyone’s interested: just search for “Haunted Japan”.

  • JLA

    Im currently stationed in yokota, AB Japan which is about 20 mins in car from the Himuro Mansion, its on the way to THE MALL.. a couple of months ago me and a couple of my friends went to it at night, real creepy, didnt think anything of it.. I didnt know at the time that this was the house they used for the basis for Fatal Frame. Ill probably be going tomorrow or the next day. My friends want to go during the day, because their freaked out about the background story that they read on this site.. I wasnt able to go in,while we were there last time, we didnt hear or see anything, just a creepy atmosphere. Walking up the steps and looking up into the darkness.. We took flash lights up there, it took a couple of mins to walk up the steps, real dark. Couldnt get in because there was a padlock on the door, good thing too, probably would of ended up getting hurt, or worst. But not sure if its haunted. Nothing happened when we went. Wonder if there is anyway to get in the house. If you have any ideas, questions, or information. contact me at my email..

  • well i think its scary and cool really!! coz if its reall then count me in i will be happy to go there bt the prob is no body knows the location of this mansion so its a little tricky to go there so if any one knows the location plz tell coZ im really interested with this mansion and its story , i think fatal frame is a beautiful game that really speak about the past of this mansion …. some people pertend that they really went there and some really did and didnt tell so i really don’t know who is tellin the true thing coz they say if u went there u’ll never come back!!! so who knows anything just post it and maybe it’ll help alot!!

  • AkuRoku

    I think that what they say about Himuro mansion might be true. I may not be able to find anything about it anywhere. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not real. If you can’t find information on it that doesn’t come from the game Fatal Frame it must just mean that they don’t want people to know anything bout the rumors. And if that is true then people need to stop looking for it. I’d stop lookin if there is no information on it that you can’t get off of the game Fatal Frame. I believe that Himuro Mansion is real and it really is out there somewhere.

  • tim

    If you wouldn’t mind, could you place the location in Google Maps and post the URL here?

  • tim

    AkuRoku: A lot of people had thought that the Blair Witch Project was real due to advertising sites on the Internet; I might suggest that this mansion is quite the same thing (that said, there are indeed many places in Japan where strange things had happened–if the Himuro Mansion fails to exist, something with a similar background very well may).

  • Amri

    Actually guys the mansion is real. Locals say that 2 more people went in the mansion and they never came back the next day. They also told me that the location of the mansion is approximately 10km from the city.

  • gail

    the best story on this website, i think this manshion IS real. Ya’ know, they based a video game series on it, Fatal Frame, best game ever, any way if you like this story frame
    play fatal

  • violet

    @ Brett – post a photo or url to one or I call bullshit. I’ve seen other forums where people have said they ‘found’ the mansion, no one ever seems to be able to back it up though, lol.

  • violet

    sorry, that should have read @ JLA.

    i also meant to say, I agree with Brett – if it this mansion really does exist, why has no one been there and why is there still so much ‘secrecy’ about its supposed location?

    It is a very interesting story though.

  • Amanda

    All I have to say is if its true that is cool as hell but if not, its still cool to believe it is so that when you play this game in the dark it will give you the creeps!!! But I must say these games are awesome and the first time I played the first game, i played it for at least six hours straight! Yeah for Himuro Mansion!

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  • LRAC

    If you stand at the shinto gate on the 31st of december at 11:59pm and walkthrough it exactly at 12:00 midnight go to the entrance, make sure you bring at least 5 mates with you i can’t really explain why? but if you really want to find out abit more of the myth you’ll do it.

    P.S make sure you take a mobile phones with you, just in case

  • Rachel

    I do and dont believe the story I would like to find the mansion myself and go with a camcorder do my own investigation the paranormal has always fascinated me and if I could solve the case of the Himuro mansion if even that meant proving it to be a myth would be my lifes dream

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  • Ino

    Well if they have pics of inside the mansion didnt they have to go inside? and i thought that people who went inside were killed by the ghosts, so whoever took the pictures must know something anyone know who took them?

  • BlueNami

    Wow, that’s pretty eerie. I saw on the game it said “Based on a true story.” That scared me pretty bad! When my friend told me “The game developers just put that there to scare you even more.” I had to investigate a bit, and found this. So, it’s based off an urban legend they believe to be real? It makes sence. But I still can’t help but wonder.. is the place really haunted? I’m a chicken when it comes to horror, so I’ll skip out on getting anywhere near there. I’ll just have to stay curious for my own sake. Lol

  • Ely

    I’ll be in Tokyo in May with my husband. I’ve got a couple of hints as to where this place is, and so i’ll go hunting for it. If i find it, i’ll post a link to pics of us at the place and give directions etc.

    I’m reasonably intrigued at this point, and my husband has got a list of “haunted tokyo” places for us to go in the 4 days we are there!

    Cheers and Happy Hunting,

  • whitenoises

    I would love for this place to be really haunted, but it does seem wherever ‘real’ ghosts’ want to play, so to do tour groups. These locations are lit up, transformed and turned into a sick kind of tourist trap. Regardless of whether or not those events actually occurred or if the place is really haunted, its a grave and a sacred place. SHOW RESPECT and dont go breaking into places.

  • cheyenne

    i think thats a real story cuz i have been doing resaech on this place for a while now and i believe every bit of it

  • Jenny

    i played the fatal frame series, and the entire thing,true or not, is utterly creepy. personally, i believe in the legends. i love the game, and i started a craze for it at my school. i’m encouraging EVERYONE to play this game! try it. no, seriously. you’ll love it and it’ll scare the wits outta you.

  • HolyFawk

    THIS PLACE IS REAL, THE STORY IS REAL! My Grandma knows all about this place and its story. She won’t tell me the details but told me this, “Digging your nose into such things is gonna end up hurting you more than support you. Its best to not disturb the dead and stay with the living rather than search for the dead and end up dying.”

  • Chee

    I’m scared now. T_T

  • look…. for all of you people who are sceptics, i’ve BEEN to the himoru mansion and let me tell you frm first hand expirences…. we used the map from the game and it’s 95% acurate the only problem is that there arn’t masks hanging on the walls nor are there doors where they used to hang.i personallysat in the VERY room where the blinding ritual was fact, after taking a cotton swab and growing a colony on a pitry dish we found traces of HUMAN BLOOD. and when we left after 2 nights (the strangling night and the blinding night)((12/13/06 and 12/14/06)) we had rope marks on our arms and i had sustained a wound by unknown causes. locals warned us not to go in and when we told customs what we were doing in the country they gave us a blank look and sent us on our way. furthermore we brought digital recorders on site and through constant reviews of the tape you can hear screams at constant intervals.

    • Eddz

      is it me or someone else thinks that there is a time warping dimension or some kind of portal that brings us to that event ? because look somehow at 1:00AM or the exact time the event will occur ?

  • problo

    Ken, provide images and an upload of said recorders, plus the address and via how to get there, or I won’t believe you.

  • Folklorist

    @ken ~ i call BS on your claim. according to legends wouldn’t the rope marks mean you have been cursed by the rope shrine maiden? which brings the question if this all happened, wouldn’t you and your group be dead never to return from the mansion?

    if the legends are true that would mean anyone that enter the mansion wont be able to leave it. and then the curse would overtake them.

  • Jerry

    The way I see it is if people really want to know it this is true just go to the Mansion itself, I’ve played the game I’m actually working on this game as I speak. I figure if this was all true then the game would be more like reality cause ghosts can’t attack unless they are demons but look at this game. So someone needs to go to Japan & find this place if it is occupied then the story is most likely false or else they are some brave people living there, If the place looks old & abandon then this could be true or someone told a BS story & people are stupid enough to believe it. To be honest I wish this was true cause I would go over there to see something. But after all it’s just a scary game.

  • Weylyn (shreeb)

    -kenpoben after writing above comment:

    “I wonder how many idiots will actually believe my post! lol!”

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  • what if i told you I’ve seen Himuro Manssion and i know of what lieys beyond it and now i know of the world that lives with use?…yea you wont believe me but i know what i saw, i know what lives their, my friends didnt believe me and now they are part of the other world…you people are so blind to what truely lives around use 24/7 only when you see it will it make you see what life truly is….Himuro Manssion is real and I’ve been inside it’s halls.

  • Kyoko Shiakaui

    shikari taikita hoio ni shia kaini toka to shi na yaika (Sieg para) kai tokia na shiko niyaho lokia hai shokia himuro sheia mai kiami nihai giko saika wikai hihia nihoi (Al), kihoai (ju-on) nhia kiah ilai joi dinkau shina kianih ………,hai 🙂 ~Kyoko Shiakaui

  • Weylyn (shreeb)

    Dear Sieg Para,

    If you are so enlightened, please get off the internet and start making a difference and changing peoples lives.


  • Vanessa

    Issit true that non of the family members is still alive? The mansion is beautiful, some even said that theres a basement portal which monsters or creatures from other world can enter the earth by going through a door, and the door is tied, filled with pure maiden blood on to it. can anyone took the place of their rituals if it’s true?

  • Kat

    I was reading apon this in class. My friend told me about this mansion and how the fatal frame game is based on it. It is possible that it happened, but you never know for sure. Just because the pictures looks like the game does not mean that the story they tell is really true. There is all these legends out there that have proved wrong. But you never know if any are true. I myself, would like to visit this mansion though i am very scared easily. And if it seems i am a 20 or so year old, you are entirely wrong. I’m 15, and in class currently. I’d love to visit this mansion. Hope someone does investigate like TAPS.

  • Devin Mcguinness

    hello me name is devin i am very intrested in the himuro mansion and would like to know more about the real story and events the happened there and is the other fatal frames are based on true events or if you dont have time you can email me the sites where u have found this info.

    many thinks

  • Zeac

    To Kenpobem:

    Folklorist is right, guess you haven’t been playing the game. Post out the records you have and tell us the way to there. (If you give it to me, I’ll go there myself and snap a few pics myself.) If you don’t, that means you’re lying, you don’t play the game, you’re making EVERYTHING up. AND, I don’t even think you went there. Because you spelled Himuro wrong. You spelled Himoru.How can we believe you??

  • I saw some of the things, mostly they are 3: 1)Secrets roaming around me 2) A futur that had never past and the important thing 3)An Illusion Foolling us around!
    I searched in Japan, the huinted towns of Tokyo “Mishamuru Takashi Heu” That was kinda scary at the first time! But… The abandoned houses and farms and the Hunted-Abandoned VILLAGE, was The Lost Village. As in to describe that its abandoned valleys seem to give you an illusion. You are free to enter it, it IS REAL! While at that moment, i was walking with 3 of my men… Until we heard a sound, and got scared! We tried to runaway, bt we just COULDN’T FIND THE WAY BACK! Its an illusion, until we found a spirit with white dress, introducing and welcoming us to this vilage to complete and discover way to HELL and DEATH! I’m Jaime Andrew. We survived 2 of my men died, me and someone lived! If you dont believe it search for my pictures and watch the Original Movie record! Recoreded by my friend EDWARD ROULAND. watch on youtube or other compitaible stuff near to it… “The Great Escape Of D.5 Recording”

  • Miss Cyncical

    This is actually the inspiration for video game back in 2005 I think. Cant rememeber what it was called but it was fairly popular and available on playstation. The site is real and is possible to find so its not some big mystery. I do believe with a little bit of research you can find it easily. Years ago when the game was popular it was very easy to find information about it.

  • immi

    you know what
    i think the legend just might be true
    if it is
    i would like 2 go to that mansion
    cuz it soundsz like a scary but kinda fun adventure…
    if you are’nt scared though

    i’m crazy enough 2 go
    it sounds funnnnnnnnnnnn



  • baby V

    it will be SCARY im telling u.i want to go there
    so bad .But to bad i live so far away . i want to know if the story is true or not, so to find out i will find some way to ask my mom and dad if we all can go , to find out so when i can go i will right back haere that im going , and when i come back if i go i will tell u all if its true , trust me i will , no one worry well i know u dont want to worry , ill reply back soon

    BTW dont trust me but if u want to u can

  • Aaaaaaaa I’m scared

    • CL1273

      wow baby boy !!! honestly id think it be cool to go there

  • I personally believe that it is true. There probably is record of it but police is probably just trying to cover it up. And somewhere in there, there was probably a little leak from someone and there being not much to go on people just blew it over as a rumor. But who knows I just believe it is true.

  • The Myth Seeker

    1 day i want to go to the mansion. I’ve played the games.(Love them all) But i would love to break this Myth and make it Real.This is my Most favorite Ghost story. I Feel theres True to this Story. Just 1 day i would like to find out. If you read something about a crazy Death or dissapearence that was Prolly me. =P Ill send my regards to these ghosts while the take my Head.

  • megan rubio

    this will be horrible if it’s true because i own the fatal frame games
    and the first one is based on this mansion

  • Rookie Ghost Hunter

    That is some outrageous stuff, wish i could visit that place, even if it gives me the creeps, but it’s cool, ghosts, bloody sword, bloody rooms, bloody other stuff, man that place is outrageously cool and creepy, but mostly creepy, which is cool XD.

  • Sean

    I did not read every single post, but nobody seems to realise that Project Zero is actually closer to the original Japanese title: Zero. Fatal Frame is just the american one. And yes, stop calling it buddhist – although there are some creepy Japanese buddhist (or shinto-buddhist?) tales, this is clearly based on shinto. I try not to be gullible, but you never know…no smoke without fire as they say. Regardless, it made an amazing video game

  • blackbloodangel

    I think it did happen.To b honest since i was lil ive been able to c stuff other pple cant n ican still do it 2day.I knw it sounds wierd but its true and im planing on stay ing over there wen i have the money hopefuly i can save enough and go and c for myself well if i do get the money for it wish me luck ill vidtape it all maybe ill bring back sumthin on tape well wish me luck

  • blackbloodangel

    and as for finding it well i think i can it’ll b hard but worth it

  • Shard

    I beleive that the legend is true entirely. Records frequently get lost or destroyed, and if the family master killed everyone AND himself, by the time people found out something was up, the bodies could have decayed and the police might not have bothered with reporing it.

  • Shinji Ikari


  • Zeac

    To Kat:
    Me too….. I’m almost the same as you! I’m easily scared, curious about Himikyru Mansion, I’d like to go there too……………. ( Although I’d bring some friends…..)

    The only difference between me and you is that you’re 15, and I’m 12……

  • Donny Boy

    eh i dont i think ill love to travel the manion alone to get the real ghostly experience cuz u know the ghost mostly come out when ur alone lol

  • Tiff

    The Himuro Mansion sounds interesting. I would probably just stay there during the daylight and take a picture from faraway from the mansion. Hopefully, I can get a picture of the little girl. I wouldn’t want to go inside to see the spirits there. I think they would try to kill me. Man, this place sounds scarier than Bunny Man’s Bridge in Clifton, VA.

  • Asakura

    I hope that ‘Ghost Adventures’ will go inside Himura Mansion to investigate and document in order to identify paranormal activities in there…

  • Yoli

    Well since its based on a urban legend, it does it mean its not true. I played the game and yeah its freakin scary as hell to me. But if there’s paranomal stuff and strong enough to see the spirits themselves in the daytime, then you can’t help but think and be scared. Of course they don’t have records of it, its either lost or destoryed and who knows you’ll never know if the master destoryed the family records and crap before ended his own life. In my experience in ghost, spirits, and stuff, is to not to disturb the place of death. If its true. But really I even wanted to see it myself but if its true, do you really want to end your life there? Be cursed or die? Spirits should be left alone and not to mess with. Like people say curiousity kills the cat. Looking into this site, reading and seeing the pics, we all want to know the answer. Believe what you want but all I’m going to say its that anything can happen and I believe it. Also seven unexplained deaths occured there and know no one knows what happened, and blood is found there. So if you’re one of those people is ” see it to believe it” type then go ahead be my guest, go try entering the Himuro Mansion, and try staying the whole night… if you dare.

  • Aaron Wolfsyn

    i would totally go here sounds lyke a lot of fun to expolore
    maybe i should try playing this “fatal frame” game i keep hearing about
    cause if it lyke the story of this place it should be awesome

  • Sadie

    I actually plan on going to Japan and seeing if this is really real or not…and if not then there is plenty of other haunted places I can go check out with my friends

  • bruce

    While the mansion itself may not be real, the ghost stories cited by the developer could be genuine tales, if not necessarily 100% true.

  • Daniel

    Hello. I absolutely adored all three of the Fatal Frame series. I didn’t believe that such a site really existed until I glanced upon this website a couple of minutes ago. I think the legend is in fact, true. There had been so many killings (murders and massacre) going about in the world today that Police cannot possibly cover them all. In the same way, Media cannot shed a little attention to all those grisly killings. So without the proper hardcore police reports and the deprivation of media coverage on the matter, people simply dismissed it as a legend or fiction. I’m not sure about it too, but something tells me that such a place really existed and I would love to see the structure for myself (in broad daylight). I’m also curious about the family members, were the ghosts in the game such as Female Head based on them, or were they just products of the game’s storyboard artists’ (or whatever you call them) brilliant minds?

    Also, what could have happened was… Upon discovering the bodies of all the members of the family, someone then reported the case to the police, who came and asked questions regarding their deaths. The neighbors couldn’t have known about the Strangling Ritual and failed to give a proper explanation and since there were practically no witnesses that night (or day) and no evidence to suggest murder, the Family Head would have been considered the murderer before he ended his own life. The case was a murder-suicide. Or, the neighbors could have known about the rituals and tried explaining it to the police, who just scoffed such an idea off (you know how police does not rely on the superstitious), and so I guess, to this day, if that is the case, the murder is still undergoing secret investigation up to this day… I just don’t know but I am convinced the tale is real.

  • Boogeyman

    i want to know more of this mansion and story’s and what people already said it would be very nice if TAPS investigate this place 😛
    maybe they dont know about this place or its to far away idk but it would be very great if they go or a other team like ghost hunters international.

    mail me if you know much about this im very interestid

  • LavanderGirl

    Himuro Mansion?
    Well, I’m not very sure if I want to believe if it’s real or not.
    Who would be crazy enought to spend all night in some place like that?
    Who would spend a whole night there?
    But I have seen some of the REAL places (REMEMBER -All God’s Villagre- ?) well, I have seen it on youtube. ^_^

  • XBOX King

    Kintect Fatal Frame would be the best game ever! CRY Nintendo Drones and Sony SLAVES!!!


  • jeffera101a

    Another individual has been connected with Himuro Mansion.

    Miyuki Ishikawa lived there briefly before her arrest for murder at the Rainbow Children’s hospital. She subsequently fled Japan and ended up in New Orleans. Where she was involved with the Stuart House Hauntings.

    Looks like she was very heavy into black magic.

  • jeffera101a
  • KATT

    Didn’t the game called Fatal Frame have this place?

  • k-pop lover

    i always wanted to know ’bout this ritual..thanks for giving the info..

  • Sean

    To Yoli…and others…I see no reason not to look into these places – I feel strongly that humans should confront death instead of running away from and forgetting about it all the time, and I do believe that such things as ghosts exist, but have no proof apart from second-hand accounts, so seeing something like that myself would not only prove to me that ghosts exist, but that there is something after death and that there is more to this universe than meets the eye…

    And as people have said, there must be plenty of these cases worldwide that have gone unnoticed or have been forgotten about…obviously the game is to some extent a fictionalization, but just because it was marketed more outside of Japan as a true story, this does not mean that this did not really happen…

  • Kara

    omg theres just so much to say,i mean believe me or not but i seriously plan on going here,im only a minor so maybe when im 18 or 19 orrrr mid 19 atleast,…anddd i promised so im taking my bff and my boyfriend 🙂 even if its true than it did burn down, imma still go and find some left over artifacts to prove it was real 🙂 i mean its lik my anxiety is overwhelming because i believe this is true and i cant wait to go and find some evidence to prove it 🙂 🙂

  • Kara

    that not than haha 🙂

  • Amy Gonzalez

    to Yoli;

    Ahh…but to every legend there is some % of fact. The problem is over time it gets told so many times and in so many ways that it is nearly impossable to tell how much of that % is fact and how much is fiction. In either case, I personally try not to tempt fate either. It would be kind of a bad day if I was the one person to visit and prove it was true…that would really be a bummer.

  • im goin up nd see this place for my self. idk if its realy if this stuff is true or not but im goin to find out my self

  • ami me interesa mucho de la mansión himuro pero si me-pueden comentar la verdad de la mansión himuro oanqusea como se construyo la mansión cuando se construyo la mansión saber por que la construye ron y con que motivo ora son y si lo que cuenta el es verdad pida-mole una foto o si el a conocido la mansión o quien si

  • ayame

    for what i read and had looked up i can understand why this
    story gets to people no one knows for sure if its real but i know it is.

  • kaname ototsuki

    all of it is true but…the part you told us that oxen and horses is not true….i been in that place but not in the mansion

  • Bruce Banner

    I think im cursed, i stepped in Himuro Mansion and got bitch slapped by the entities that reside there, i was so scared that they compared me to the snot scene in that one blair witch movie. “Im so scared!!!” if you dont remember the scene yall will remember the saying. Also my dog and cat were there with me and I never heard them when they were in there. To this day the dog still doesnt talk, but he barks, weird right? Just because when you go in, its fery dangerous, also the real reason why the location is never revealed is because youll be cursed til the end of time, unless you have an ocarina, like Link!!! Also the japanese girl from the game haunts that place, Nuff said.

    • Addy Bebopp

      Cool cool

  • shelby

    The Himuro Mansion is real im not sure about the haunting’s but it is real why would there be a random house in the forest when im 18 im going to japan with my friends and were going to go and find the house and have a look but someone has been in the house before as there are 2 picture’s of them?? so.. what i believe everything is real but there is a girl on the game that was a true girl who lived at the house and died of the ritual so yes its deffentily true , it would be nice to see it in person does anyone know the where abouts? someone said its in the northeast? of japan any suggestions?

  • Ajswiggett

    Where is this place located abnyone?

    • Grizz3344

      There’s no real “location”. thats why people think it is fake. Apparently the people that go there never come back so they can’t find an actual location. Some don’t even think it exists. I think its possible. So yeah, there isn’t a location. Nobody knows where it is. All that is known is that its located near the boundary limits of tokyo japan. Which is a large piece of land to cover…

    • Shiku Sanada

      Like grizz said, people who find it never return or is found dead. Most people who find it were lost, but people who search for it, Will never find it. Its a game of trickery and wits. It is deep in the forest, where people do not tread. So Just give up, unless you wanna lose your mind. Plus to, you can find it faster if you follow the caves and tunnels…. they all connect to that one place. ^^ have fun!

  • Grizz3344

    But what if the maiden had aids? D:

    • Adam Carl

      That’s a stupid question…. and really out of the topic

  • I love how most of you are like, “I’m totally going to Japan and finding it.”. You do realize that the mansion itself is located somewhere in a dense, dark forest, right? Anyway for you skeptics, why is it so hard for you to believe that there is a mansion in a forest? Also, what’s this crap about it happening 80 years ago? I think it might have been a little longer than that guys…Come on.  

  • chico

    Well… every community has its story, I rather respect a legend than be sorry for getting into something I don’t fully understand, and maybe that’s why the location hasn’t been disclosed, because it is obvious that there will be people who will not heed the warnings and step into something beyond their comprehension.

  • CL1273

    I think this place is cool and I would want to go there!!!!!!!!!!:);D

  • CrazedMan

    I would love to investigate the mansion. I myself, a big fan of the games, think exploration would make the game even scarier. Maybe sometime if I’m ever invited for something I’ll sneak off to Himuru Mansion. I’ll bring some food, some books, a journal, a flashlight, and hope that a Camera Obscura would be there. Oh I’d have so much fun. Trust me, if I went to Japan, that’s what I’d do.

    • CrazedMan

      I think I’d go when I’m older, though. Force a few friends to come with me, too. Then I won’t be alone and scared, I’ll be with friends and scared!
      I think I’d go at the age of 19.

    • Mrchrisrocks23

      Can I join you please? It is my dream to do a paranormal investigation at the Himuro Mansion 😀 Ever since I played the Fatal Frame series I have been attached to the story of the rituals and murders 🙂

    • blahblahSayori

      Hmm… I’m very curious of it too but it sounds risky.. no? Or is it just me that thinks that?
      I was thinking… someone should send a drone around that area or even enter the mansion if possible.

  • FemaleHorror

    I’m kind of interested now. I think I’ll go, just to see if I die or not. I will bring a camcorder with me, to record myself so if I do end up dead, the police will see what happened because I will have had it on camera.

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  • Riku Darkheart


  • chesley furr

    i wont to go cux i hear the rumors are true and i think it would be a great think to do

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  • jannah faye

    the legend of himuro mansion is real except for the camera obscura, I just got home from japan, 1 month ago I got interested in the legend so I asked my father if I could go to Japan, it took me one day to convince him and finally he said I could go as long as my uncle is with me, the himuro mansion looks really scary, we could not explore the whole mansion because some of the doors are locked or sealed, but there is this one room though that interested me a lot, it has an altar inside and the walls has hand prints on it, by the looks of it the hand prints were made of blood, about the spirits of the deceased family somehow it was real I get the feeling that I am being watched by someone, well that’s all I have to say.

    • Kristen

      After 1 day your dad agreed to what was probably a $10K trip because his kid played a video game? Sure, kid. I bet your uncle is also Indiana Jones and that’s how you found it.

    • a998

      Please provide the address or the coordinated for where this is located if you really went there. Because I have yet to find the actually location after many hours of searching online.

  • JamesP

    I’m writing a creepypasta based on this legend and the games.

  • kazama

    I would probably go to the mansion in around 3-4 years time and need to find a way to close the gate for good but first i need to catch the ghost who always kidnap child wandering outside at night then i would find the corpse of the first rope maiden and bury the corpse outside of the mansion

  • Viki6

    Really it’s one amazing story . I am playing always fatal frame 2,3,4 ….. before even to know the story . I knew that it’s true . I don’t know how but i was feeling that. About this story the girl that was a victim . THERE’S ONE MURDER in this mansion . BUT the Budhisme or Shinto rituals some of them are connected somehow . WHEN THEY KILL THE GIRL . THE CURSED WILL SURROUND THEM . Japanese people beleive in the ghosts . Even they have a festival for the ghosts to praying for them . IF YOU DIE IN TORMENT YOUR SOUL WILL BE CURSED AND IN THE PLACE THAT YOU DIE . This place will be cursed forever whoever decide to enter will be cursed and never will found the peace . I heard this from one japanese boy 🙂 he told me about all these rituals and beleives :))

  • Aquamarine

    Well, actually this game was first released in Japan with another name “Rei” (means zero in Japanese.) “Fatal Frame” is NA version. It also named “Project Zero” in Europe.

  • Thomas Proskow

    Not sure if it’s true or not. There are no such rituals spoken of in the Shinto religion.
    There were, however, some splinter groups around Ibaraki and Gunma prefectures (both north of Tokyo) a long time ago who DID practice such things as human sacrifice.
    I think that is more likely what inspired the franchise.
    That, plus many of the traditional tales of onryou, yurei, and general haunted locations of Japan.
    I think some of the locations were inspired by real life locations as well:
    Himuro Mansion = Himeji Castle
    All God’s Village = Koyasan
    Rougetsu Island = Gunkanjima

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  • Seth

    Too bad it’s not a real mansion, it’s just a tagline added to the first game to promote the story abroad from Japan – the original Japanese release never bore the “Based on a true story” tagline, just the North American and European versions. No exploration for YOU!

  • Are there any more pictures of the Himuro Mansion? There doesn’t seem to be any pictures other than the ones from the game.

  • dumpsterman lets play

    I believe it and I want to know more

  • Sabrina Hope Hendricks

    Damn. I honestly believe that all of this is real.

  • Gramma

    If it is true or not, i dont know, what I do know is that when this game was brought into my house, all hell broke lose. One of my grandson’s who was still to young to have a significant grasp of language, was so tortured by something only he could see that I knew I had to do something. At first, in trying to console him, I told him the game was gone. I had put it in a dresser drawer after he had gone to bed. He knew it was a lie. As soon as it started to get dark, his terror grew. He could see something that no one else was painful to see his terror. I spoke to doctors and psychiatrists, since he couldnt articulate I had him draw what he saw…he drew a big black scribble, and was terrified by it. I held him and prayed and then lit the drawing on fire, let it burn to ash in the sink and washed it down with the disposal. By this time, the game was truly gone. After that he was fine…but, I had seen true terror in his eyes before. That house was creepy, I swear it was haunted. Out of 9 who lived there, every single person had multiple experiences. Even had a police officer tell me a couple of his experiences at the house. Im alot more careful to research a prospective home now.

  • When one religion supplants another historically, in folklore this is often reflected by tales of hauntings and curses, evil and ill-fortune associated with key elements of the prior belief system.

    It seems likely – based on taboos and myths across Japan – that before Shinto and Buddhism became the main religions, there was an animist faith which incorporated many small blood sacrifices into its practice. Superstitions still believed today – such as blooding a sword before sheathing it (contrary to popular belief, this was not a practice applied to all katana, but there are stories in which a particular swordsman practiced this), adding a small amount of one’s own blood into the soup for a sick loved one to aid their recovery, or adding your own blood to sweets to aid in love divination – may well be survivors of that belief.

    While the Himuro Manor legend seems very likely to have been created wholesale by the makers of Rei/Fatal Frame, it does incorporate elements common to several other legends, so rather than exploring Himuro Manor, there may be a large number of sites connecting back to that pre-Shinto period that folks could explore.

  • Tom gilfillan

    Hi I’ve been play fatal frame games on the ps2 in ghost sighting room temperature going cold the difference in ghost attacking people are high I attend to agree with anyone that say stay away mean don’t go there because like my nan says you play with fire and you get burned ghost anger can turn to hate then malice and cursed the more tips to follow about huanting one take thermal camera thermometer to measure room temperature last ghost can go through walls and list holyfawk is say because can be extremely dangerous and watch your surroundings at all times one mistake you a dead man be vary careful at all times spirited away events happan all the times

  • Savannah Hannah

    Sounds cool I just got into the games might play them myself but I would go to this place if I could and look around take some pictures might be able to see everyone that got killed. Looking around would not hurt eather to find out the truth