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What are the chances?

What are the chances? A look at extraterrestrial life in our solar system:

Life, at least on our world, is an extraordinarily resilient and hearty thing. You can go miles into the earth’s crust and find living microbes. You can journey to the frozen poles – that in some ways mimic the harsh conditions on some of the other world’s in our solar system – and you’ll find life thriving. Even if our world were to undergo almost every natural or manmade cataclysm in the book, some form of life would likely survive. Only the eventual death of our sun seems to be a surefire way of life on earth giving up the ghost. So what are the chances of life outside of the earth in our solar system? Read more


Is Lumley’s UFO still out there?

On October 19, 1865 the Missouri Democrat newspaper printed a truly extraordinary article. Not prone to exaggeration, this paper would spend the next few decades as the flagship conservative newspaper for the St. Louis area, before merging with another paper and becoming the famed St. Louis Globe-Democrat, one of the nation’s foremost papers until ceasing operations in 1986, but not before launching the career of a young Pat Buchanan in the early 1960′s. Read more


What did Vela see?

On September 22, 1979 an aging satellite named Vela 6911 detected two very distinct flashes in the vicinity of the Indian or South Atlantic oceans that supposedly could be only one thing: a nuclear detonation. The Carter administration held an emergency meeting, other satellites were enlisted to see if they saw the detonation, which they did not, and utter pandemonium ensued for a short time as the US government scrambled to see who or what had set off a nuclear weapon that day.

It was a small explosion, estimated at only three kilotons, and while the Soviets, Chinese, French and British are unlikely as the originators, the finger was tentatively pointed at Israel or South Africa for testing a weapon. Problem is, the whole thing made no sense.

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Paranormala’s Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena – Part 2

Welcome back to Paranormala’s Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena. We hope that you enjoyed the last installment of our favorite unexplained, mysterious and just plain weird happenings. In the final 5, things get weirder as we highlight some of the darker unexplained phenomena that has intrigued us. As noted in the comments of Part 1, we will be developing each topic into it’s own in-depth article in the near future.

The comments last time around were great! If you have something to say about any of these, please, leave a response and let’s discuss these as a community! :) Read more


Paranormala’s Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena – Part 1

Skeptics and believers alike, nothing gets people talking and debating like a good old urban legend or ghost story. What’s even better, is when there is no definitive answer as to whether the event happened or not, and why. Here at Paranormala, this is our modus operandi.. to bring to you, our beloved reader the most interesting and sometimes ridiculous unexplained phenomena. Read more