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Cryptozoology is the study of animals that haven’t been proven to exist. In Greek, it quite literally means “the study of hidden animals”. Creatures (or cryptids) can often be broken into one of 3 groups: prehistoric or extinct creatures (dinosaurs, etc), mythical creatures such as Bigfoot or Nessie and finally mutated or very different versions of common creatures (such as phantom cats, etc). While Cryptozoology isn’t recognized as an official branch of Zoology, many creatures once thought to be cryptids have actually been proven to exist. A few examples are:

* Okapi
* the Mountain Gorilla
* the Giant Squid

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Deadly Infections on the Rise?

Recent attention has been paid to a case of an infection and death of a young Arizona boy by the amoeba Naegleria Fowleri. The boy contracted the disease by swimming in Lake Havasu, and...

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Cryptozoology on the Upper Mississippi

Twisting its way through the American midwest, past corn fields and major urban areas alike, the Mississippi River is in a way timeless. Controlled now by wing dikes and dams, the great river still...

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Gef the Talking Mongoose

In September of 1931 in a small farm house on the Isle of Man, the Irving family began hearing odd sounds coming from the attic of the home. Initially, they sounded like a wild...

The Tale of The Chinese Wildman 2

The Tale of The Chinese Wildman

Due to the breakout success of our first article, The Himuro Mansion Haunting, we’re going back to Asia for the wild tale of a red haired, human like animal believed by the locals to...